Electroplated rubberized diamond wire

Steelcut diamond wire is ideal for cutting metal and heavy-reinforced concrete in a range of industrial and civil applications. The wire allows to make cuts in reinforced concrete sections, ensuring a clean and vibration-free operation so protecting the surrounding structures. The main applications are: selective demolition of reinforced concrete structures; opening of doors and windows; cutting and removal of beams, walls, slabs, floors, bridges and other masonry structures; cutting of underwater structures.

Sintered and electroplated plasticized diamond wire

Steelcut diamond wires are designed, manufactured and produced in-house. They are intended for quarry cutting, squaring of blocks and, in general, for processing stone materials.
Steelcut diamond wires are available in different types and are able to meet the different application needs, from the stone to the building sector.

Diamond beads

The different types of diamond wire, related to the material and the operations to be carried out, require different types of beads. The diamond bead can have different diameters, according to the material and the thickness it will work, typically from 6 to 11 mm. The diamond is included in the bead by sintering or electroplating.

Electroplated beads
They are obtained by electrodeposition process and have the characteristic of having the diamond distributed all over the surface, ensuring a high cutting capacity on all materials, with the exception of granite. They are especially used in the construction sector, for severe cuts where precision is required.